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SSL update broke our server..?

Question asked by mark.stuller on Aug 8, 2017
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We needed to update the SSL certificates (expiring) today and so shutdown our servers (5 FMS15), installed the certificates and restarted the servers. All came back up as expected except one server, our only split-deployment install.


That server came back w/ the database server fine, new certificate and all. But the worker machine did not.


So our Operations staff called FileMaker tech support and was told to 're-install' (yeah, I know SOP). That did not resolve the issue.


We are able to connect to the worker machine w/ a browser to confirm that the FMS Apache is running and has the certificate installed, but a webdirect database as well as MirrorSync cannot connect to the worker machine. The FMSAdmin Console reports that the Web Publishing engine is running.


So there is a open ticket w/ tech support but I'm hoping others in the community can give us things to look for/try while FM works their open ticket.


OS: 10.12.6



Thank you for your thoughts.