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      I need to import data or connect to a database app, and I don't know which is the database engine inside it (how could I discover it ? Maybe COBOL?).

      Developers of this DB wrote me they will try to quote in september an ACU ODBC connector for Filemaker, have you ever worked with this ? Is it possibile to find a demo or a test odbc of this kind ?


      I use FM Server hosted 14 and 16, and FMPA 16.



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          I'm not familiar with "ACU ODBC connector for FileMaker".

          Perhaps this is what is meant?


          Any ODBC driver must match the correct database to which it connects. Do you know what SQL database will be used? And the driver used will need to be for the OS upon which it will be installed (FMP or FMS, and what version?). MacOS? Windows? (& what OS version?)


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            No, it is not the Actual ODBC driver ( I already use many of them in different situations).


            I don't know what kind of DB is used, this is the reason why I asked about this ACU ODBC, maybe it is related to a specific DB.

            This DB app doesn't use a server, but only many folders in a shared folder, that clients read. It is a commercial product, and I cannot find info in the producer's page.

            This app is installed on Windows PC, and I use MAC OSX, but this is not a problem because I connect via Remote Desktop, or I can work on Windows, too.

            I heard about "COBOL" once that the producer of this app came here, but nothing more.

            The answer about the ACU ODBC was all what I have from developers of this software, even if I asked them more info.


            Is there a software that could discover wich is the DB engine of an app ?

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              Hello lolli_group,


              I found these inks for ACU ODBC.





              I googled “microfocus" “ACUODBC”.



              Best wishes,


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