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    Conditional/dwindling value list


      A little background:

      I have a database with a ClinicalFeatures table (includes records of many different symptoms) and a patient table (including patient ID and diagnosis). These are linked by a third table, Patient_Features. On the patient layout I have a portal where I can add different symptoms, but now I want to make this process easier by using a value list. I succeeded in making a conditional value list, where only the symptoms related to the selected diagnosis are displayed. I was also able to make a dwindling value list, which originally shows all the symptoms in the ClinicalFeatures table (not just those related to the specific diagnosis). The problem is I can't figure how to make a value list that performs both of the functions of the above lists; one that shows only the related symptoms and is able to dwindle. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          I read that as:


          Patients----<Patient_features>---ClinicalFeatures (---< means "one to many")


          as your starting point. What other occurrences of Clinical Features did you add for your two different conditional value lists? What match fields did you use?

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            Yes that is correct!

            I link Patient to Patient_Features with a patient ID field, and ClinicalFeatures to Patient_Features with a patient ID field.

            I have a second occurrence of the Clinical_Features which is linked to Patient for the dwindling value list.

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              That looks more like the relationship for a conditional value list limiting the listed values to those with the specified diagnosis than for the special conditional value list that dwindles as the values are selected. There may be other ways, but I generally set up a return separated list of values in a a field in the starting table (Patient_Features) with the "Not equals" operator to exclude the from the relationship as new values are selected. If you included the diagnosis field as a second match field in the same relationship, you should be able to set up a dwindling value list of features specific to a selected diagnosis.


              You might also consider a "check box format" where a portal lists all the features for a given diagnosis with a button that looks and acts like a check box. Clicking the button the first time, selects the check box and adds a new record to the Patient_Feature join table. Click it again and that record is deleted.


              I'm going to share a pair of teaching files on conditional value lists--including a dwindling value list and the above check box method (see Check boxes with scroll bars II in the second file).


              Adventures in FileMaking #1--conditional value lists

              Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection


              Both files are free to download but do provide a way to "say thank you" in material or non-material ways if you choose. They each have multiple working examples of different value selection methods and each example comes with detailed documentation on how they work.

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                Thanks for your help! I tried what you suggested, but when I include the diagnosis field as a second match field, the value list says "no values defined". Any suggestions?

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                  What storage options are specified for the diagnosis field in the "Features" table? Sounds like it's global or otherwise an unindexed field. That field has to be indexed in order to filter by Diagnosis.

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                    Yep that was the problem! Thank you so much!