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    Very slow container upload fms15 windows server


      Latest Pro client (16.0.2) on Mac, Server 15.0.3 on Windows, hosted less than 50 km away. I find container fields, regardless of type take 75-90 seconds to receive pictures, regardless of size, 18 KB or 2 MB. I drag the picture into the field from the Finder, and after about 20 seconds, the icon 'ghosts back' to the window it originates from. Whether I click in the FileMaker window to commit or not, there is an hourglass, and one minute + 10-20 seconds after, the image is finally in the field. Seems not to be a bandwidth problem, given the same upload times for small/big pictures. Suggestions?

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          hosted less than 50 km away

          Geography doesn't matter, upload and download speeds do. Run a speedtest from both the server itself and the client, let us know what those numbers are.


          Also, post the specs on your hardware and OS running FMS15. EG Windows 7 doesn't run server as well as windows server 2012 in my experience.


          As for suggestions, please provide more info there as well:

          1) How are container contents being stored? Inside the file, as a reference, or as external storage?

          2) If external storage, is that secure storage? (time to encrypt/decrypt files is a factor)

          3) Do you have the setting for storing thumbnails set?

               Managing performance with thumbnails

          4) Are there any record/layout/field triggers running that you know of, or maybe that you don't? (open script debugger in FMPA to see).



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            Thanks. For ping times, geography sometimes does matter. It's a hosted server, virtual, that is. Windows Server 2012 R2. 64-bit OS, 2 cores. It says 4 GB RAM... don't know if it holds true for a VM. To clarify: 1: I have tried storage inside the file, and external - both secure and not. That's what I meant by "container fields, regardless of type". Did not try only reference. I did it in an existing table, but with 3 new fields. 2: See 1. It took the same time, almost exactly. 3: Manage Containers - Thumbnails is set to Generate and store... Was set to Temporary, now I will try Permanent. But the file has not been closed/opened during the time we had the issue. 4: No. At least no script is firing. There is 7 stored calcs, seemingly simple, and the usual very simple auto-enter fields, very few and simple. I can try with a new table, but I believe a completely new file has been tried as well. If I did not make it clear: The upload times are equal for large and small files!