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Report sliding/resize field understanding and Body part

Question asked by user25183 on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by jwmickelson

I have FMP14 Mac and Win


I have made various reports that use Sliding and resize for fields in the Body part of report.


Resize work erratically, I possibly need to change some setting. Yes in the PREVIEW


Sliding up

Some records/lines work fine, but for other there is an additional space at the top or bottom of the "Body part" loosing the resize impact.

I have place a line at the end of the body part, so to see where the extra space is from.



------- line at the end of body part


space before new record start



Seem more frequent after a sub section is pass.


Sliding left


I have field 1 and 2, if field 1 is short I want field 2 to start next to the end of field 1. That is what I think sliding left should do.


Field1 data go here                                                Field2 data start here


Just don't understand the Sliding options