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    Filemaker 7 database export how


      I have never worked with Filemaker 7 (or any other version) and the Filemaker expert left the company. I've been asked to export the entire Filemaker database to Windows CSV files so I can get the data into a form that can be easily imported into an Azure hosted SQL DB. Is there an easy way to export the entire FM7 DB? I used the Export function but only saved the current record, a single line of data. A co-worker told me there's a checkbox that's easy to miss that allows me to do the entire DB. Does anyone have any pointers? Is there a simple procedure, or do I have to create some sort of template for the data to get all of it to export?

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          You'll have to export each table individually. Just navigate to a layout showing records from the table you want to export, show all records and then choose the Export Records option from the File menu.

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            Thanks Jaymo,


            When you say to navigate to a layout and show all the records, I'm not sure I know how to do that. Is there something I can watch or read that you know of that will make those steps clear?


            I found this video

            FIleMaker Pro: Exporting Data - YouTube


            If I use the menu choice File > Export Records

            - select excel for the file type,

            - checkbox checked:     automatically open file

            - checkbox checked:     use field names as first row


            There will be a dialogue that has a combobox with "Current Layout" in it

            - I will make sure all of the fields in the left listbox are included in the right listbox

            - checkbox checked: apply current layout's data formatting to exported data


            then click the export button,


            If I do that for every layout in the combobox, will that accomplish what you are describing?


            Apologies, I'm an abject beginner. Thanks again,


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              In order to get all the information out of the database, you're going to need to learn a little more about your database. Data is typically stored in more than one table. Each layout can display data from only one table (with the exception of related data). You'll need to find layouts representing each table you need to export. Also, don't forget to export the primary key and foreign key fields so the tables can be related into Azure.

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                Thank you.


                Would it be simple to create a new layout and select ALL existing tables to be included in it, along with the primary and foreign key fields, then export that all at one go? 

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                  It's one table to a layout. You can refer to data in other tables on a layout, but this is via relationships and in the context of the table occurrence you select for a layout. (think joins in SQL).


                  You need the data in individual tables so that you can build the needed relationships (joins) in your other application.

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                    Unfortunately, you can't select all tables for one layout. It might be best for you to hire a FileMaker developer to devise a migration plan for you. After he looks at your FileMaker solution and analyzes the format it has to be in for Azure, he can devise a plan for exporting your data.

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                      I'm going to do just that, thank you Jaymo and for your time.

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                        If the database is hosted in FileMaker 7 server, you can create an ODBC connection to FileMaker and directly import into SQL database.  You would be less likely to loose special characters or have to deal with issues like commas in fields throwing off field separators, etc.  Of course if you were on current FileMaker, you could use a RESTful API to make URL calls to FileMaker and retrieve the data too. 


                        You may want to consider hiring a consultant to help you out.  You can find FileMaker partners at Find FileMaker developers to create custom apps | FileMaker   


                        Other questions are why are you moving away from FileMaker and is that the best move.  It may be.  But if you want rapid application development with world class security and connectivity across multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, browser, etc.), it is a compelling framework. 

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                          Brilliant idea, I'm recommending that to the DB guy right now.

                          I don't have any say in what kind of DB is used.

                          Thank You!