Scripting a Find Request with Both And and Or

Discussion created by EV on Aug 9, 2017
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I want to script the following find request.


Some background information:


Each of my records all have a calculated most recent testing date. There is multiple testing dates for each record, and I wrote a script to determine the most recent one. I want to be able to create a script that will find records within a certain date range and if they have one of two values in another field.


More information:


Right now, to aid in the date range find, I have a layout where there are two date fields--one for either end of a range. I call them start date and end date. Users enter the start and end date of the range they want to search. Then, the trigger a script by clicking a button on the layout. However, I can't seem to mix the two operators.


My script right now looks like this:

Enter Find Mode

Set Field [Most Recent Test Date; Start Date & "..." & End Date]

New Record/Request

Set Field [Table: Field; "Value A"]

New Record/Request

Set Field [Table: Field; "Value B"]

Perform Find


I know this is wrong. The records it finds are all sorts of screwy. It provides records that are not within the date range, however when I change the date range, the number of records it finds changes.


I want it to find all the records that are within the date range (start-end dates) AND have either Value A or Value B in Field.