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    Filemaker Client as UI to NoSQL Databases?


      Has anyone considered, experimented, pondered, or otherwise imagined Filemaker as a front-end/UI to NoSQL databases in general or any one in particular?


      I recently discovered "MarkLogic" and going through some of the background and instructional material I find it all very appealing, except as a tool for non-technonerds. Been thinking very generally about what kind of "middleware" might be required to effect such an integration.

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          FMP as client to any external source is going to be a "limited consideration/usage only" for me. Have a NoSQL as the source is going to be odd, but some of the EAV thread here may be clues to how, why.


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            There would be very little benefit IMHO.  FM is a full-tier platform that offers the db engine, UI building and scripting in one toolset.  If you take the db engine out and you can't use ESS  then you become responsible for all the interaction with the db and that negates most of the benefit you get from using a full-tier tool in the first place.


            And even with ESS, the explicit guideline has been to not make FM into a UI/scripting-only tool with nothing but ESS tables.

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              I have yet to find a decent use case for this interaction.

              The only thought I had was if an organization had a centralized, web based, search engine that leverages a NoSQL data repository AND the org had a requirement to search/retrieve FileMaker content with the search engine.

              One option would be to write functionality into the content/data crawler to get the data from FM data somehow.

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                Not really NoSQL, but we had some internal requests for SQLite integration, for both web app integration and for its faster processing on large sets of data. Its ability to quickly do key/value lookups puts it within the same realm as NoSQL, so it seemed worth the effort to add in some SQLite functions in to the bBox plugin (there should be at least one other plugin out there that has SQLite integration too). Admittedly, queries are still slightly heavier than with a NoSQL DBMS, but the SQL required should still be pretty trivial.


                That all said, I don't think this is getting used much, as FileMaker developers are typically leveraging built-in mechanisms that are "good enough". But if your data is already external to FileMaker, or are dealing with 100K+ rows of data, the use case gets much more compelling.

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