FMP 'Apps' CATEGORY needed

Discussion created by offerrr_com on Aug 9, 2017

Now that filemaker pro is doing a great job in making it know that you can make Quality Apps using FMP, can somebody get them to make a category for it?  The folks we work with had no idea that this database program could make Cross-Platform, multi-Device Accessible Apps.  There are so many MIRO JOBS available for developers who make small Apps/Utilities.  I can image FMP Developer CRUSHING IT in this area too.  The cool thing about creating these apps (once you get past hating to do small orders is, many folks want the same types of things.  So, with a few modifications your ability to HELP & EARN are limitless. SOOooooOOOOoooooOOoooo... Whose with me?  Please make an APP CATEGORY!!!


Mark this date down.  August 9, Star Date 2017 (Oops, did I say Start Date?  Okay, don't hold that against me)
Let's get this done!!!