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File locking issue using FileMaker Server.

Question asked by andyk3005 on Aug 9, 2017
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In simple terms I want a list of job numbers on the left hand side of a layout and the full job details for the selected job built on the rest of the screen.

I have job file linked to a copy of the job file using a calculated global field of value 1.   I add a portal based on the copy to a layout referencing the job file.  I have the job file related to a second copy of the job file through a global in the job file linked to the job number in the second copy.  The fields from the second copy are added to the layout.  When a job number is selected from the list a script sets the value of the JobNumberGlobal and the details of the job are displayed in full.   These details can be edited and when the cache is updated the changes are posted to other users correctly.   Where the same record is edited by another user a blocking message appears correctly indicating that the record is being edited by another user.


My problem is that when a user selects and tries to edit any of the other listed entries the message is repeated meaning that the whole file is effectively blocked until the first user is complete.


This is a serious issue affecting a development and I would appreciate comments and pointers.