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Discussion created by fawad001 on Aug 10, 2017
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Defining a Situation

I have four tables "Job Card","Job Card Operations","Spare and Operations" and "Types".


Relation between these tables are

1." Job card" is related to "Job card operation","Spare","Lubricants" and "Sublet Operation".

2.Currently on a test base only "Job Card Operation" is related to "Spare and Operations".

3."Spare and Operations" is related to " Types"


Now what I am doing is that,

a. In "Job Card Layout" I am using the portal having following tabs to insert the data in "Job Card Operation ", "Spare","Lubricants" and "Sublet Operation" layouts.

b."Spare and Operations" is the separate layout in which I am inserting some data which are categorizing into the following four types  "Operation","Spare","Lubricants" and "Sublet Operation".These types are available in the table "Types".


What I want,

The data from "Spare and Operations" is accessible in the portal but I want that it should be filter and view to its relevant tab by type.


Note: I am using drop down list for accessing the data ID of  "Spare and Operation", I am getting it all but need to filter according to tab's name.


Looking forward to the right answer.


Fawad Ali