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    How to filter value list


      Defining a Situation

      I have four tables "Job Card","Job Card Operations","Spare and Operations" and "Types".


      Relation between these tables are

      1." Job card" is related to "Job card operation","Spare","Lubricants" and "Sublet Operation".

      2.Currently on a test base only "Job Card Operation" is related to "Spare and Operations".

      3."Spare and Operations" is related to " Types"


      Now what I am doing is that,

      a. In "Job Card Layout" I am using the portal having following tabs to insert the data in "Job Card Operation ", "Spare","Lubricants" and "Sublet Operation" layouts.

      b."Spare and Operations" is the separate layout in which I am inserting some data which are categorizing into the following four types  "Operation","Spare","Lubricants" and "Sublet Operation".These types are available in the table "Types".


      What I want,

      The data from "Spare and Operations" is accessible in the portal but I want that it should be filter and view to its relevant tab by type.


      Note: I am using drop down list for accessing the data ID of  "Spare and Operation", I am getting it all but need to filter according to tab's name.


      Looking forward to the right answer.


      Fawad Ali


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          you can use a global variable $$ and set it inside OnPanelSwitch script trigger by right clicking on the tab panel


          the variable gets the name of the current tab using GetValue (Get(TriggerTargetPanel) ; 2)


          then use the global variable in your filter

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            Don't forget to refresh window and/or portal object so that the change takes effect


            of course the name of each tab is set on the position section of the inspector and not in the tab control setup

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              Thanks for your kind suggestion but I think this will not really work because I want to filter the value list of drop down.


              What do you think ?

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                You can do that with a global field and add it to the relationship used to get the drop down value list

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                  I apologize for not trying very hard, but I don't understand your description of the entities you're dealing with. But I'm wondering if that matters. Have you considered using a relational or conditional value list? This is a value list that is built on a relationship. You used the word "filter" but I'm wondering if that's the right idea here.


                  A relational (or if you prefer, conditional) value list shows values from "over there" based on something you've got "right here." For example, user is clicking on an order for a tee shirt. For tee shirt the sizes are S, M, L, XL. When the user adds a pair of shoes to his order, the sizes change to 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. In the same "Size" field.


                  The setup is fairly simple: the 'CLOTHING ITEMS' table (in my little example) is related to the 'CLOTHING OPTIONS' table not on an ID as it would be with a conventional relationship, but on the field 'Item Type'. So when CLOTHING ITEMS::Item Type = "Tee Shirt", that matches "Tee Shirt" in several records over in the options table, and the value list shows the 'Option' field from that related table.


                  This can be used in all sorts of places. Another example, my billing solution has tables for (among other things) CLIENTS, PROJECTS and ACTIVITY. When I enter an activity record, I enter the Client first then I click into the Project field. There I see a value list showing only active projects I'm working on for that client.


                  Please forgive me if this is completely off base and unhelpful.



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                    You may find these two teaching files useful for working with either a conditional value list or an alternative selection method:


                    Adventures in FileMaking #1--conditional value lists

                    Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection