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    Accessing External Data Source on Server (A) through WebDirect Server (B)


      Hello everyone.


      Currently trying my luck and accessing a FileMaker Database (A), External Data Source, on Server (A) through a FileMaker Database (B) hostet on another server, through WebDirect, Server (B).


      Now, I've read the WebDirect FAQ


      Furthermore read a question posted earlier, more or less the same.


      Although still have a bunch of questions.

      I have read that it is good practice to host a FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server setup for WebDirect on each separate sever.


      Anyway, for the question, on both Servers the following is true.


      - FM WebDirect Acces is enabled in both databases.

      - The same privilege set has been installed in both databases.


      I have a bunch of value lists in Database A hostet on Server A, which I would to access through Database B hostet on Server B.


      I have added the needed relationships in Database B through External Database Sources and created the value lists "Source: From Another File" (Database A, Server A) -- value lists based on tables, which I have not added in the relationship graph in Database B, they remain in Database A, on Server A.


      When logged in through WebDirect

      • Add a new record
      • Add data to Field "_kfln_CompanyID" through Value List, although value from the Value List appear blank??
      • Field "_kfln_CompanyID" is numeric, control style; pop-over and is set to "Override data formatting with value list" so only displaying Text, a value list "from another file" Database A, Server A, the value list consists of "ID" and "Name"
      • Why can the same User logged in through FMP/FMPA see a Value List and all it's values, but not through WebDirect???


      What am I doing wrong?