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Search as you Type multiple Fields at once?

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by philmodjunk


I have a portal in a layout that is filled via a VL with 6 fields (2 not displayed the "n" and the Serial_ID of the record pulled into the VL).


The VL Table is linked to the main layout by:

Contacts::zg_searchField <--X--> VL_List_ReVamp::VirtualField::n


I have the search field self-update on OnObjectModify to get live-as-you-type results using the below formula in the portal Filter calculation:


IsEmpty ( Contacts::zg_searchField ) or PatternCount ( VL_List_ReVamp::VirtualField ; Contacts::zg_searchField ) or PatternCount ( VL_List_ReVamp::VirtualField2 ; Contacts::zg_searchField )


This allows me to enter a search in the search field that gives results from either VirtualField OR VirtualField2 fields. BUT, one or the other only.


What I want:

I want to be able to type in the search field "New York" (VirtualField info) AND "Agent" (VirtualField2 info) and get results for ONLY New York Agents in the portal. Currently it gives NO results if "New York Agent" is typed in.


Is there a workaround or is it a full teardown?