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FileMaker Certification and professional name suffix:  John Doe, FMCD

Question asked by taylorsharpe on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by BMyers

Some of us guys at the Dallas FMPUG were talking about other ways to be recognized as a professional.  Some discussion were doing other things like getting BBB approved.  FileMaker of course recognizes businesses wishing to resell licenses by joining the FBA program.  But for individual recognition, FileMaker has the Certification program certifying individuals by version. 


Some of the discussion was about marketing and how to get people to prompt and ask more about FileMaker or recognize certification by individuals.  Coming from another industry in the past, the certification organization authorized those who met the requirements to add a suffix to their name.  There are some recognized governmental suffixes are such as PE for Professional Engineer.  But most organizations bestowing such credentials and authorizing use of a suffix are from trade associations (e.g., health, environmental, tech, etc.).  


What would you think of FileMaker specifically authorizing those who have passed the certification exam to use a suffix of something like FMCD for FileMaker Certified Developer?  This would make a John Doe be authorized to use Joe Doe, FMCD.


What would be the reason for doing something like this?  Well, the main reason is that it it prompts people to ask what "those letters are behind your name?"  It would be for professional recognition in a way that a certificate hanging on your wall does not.  It could be used in your name on things like LinkedIn. 


What would be the reasons for not doing this?  Well, it isn't necessary and you have use of the FM certified logo already if you are so certified.  It will never have the recognition of things like MSCE or DVN.  And maybe FileMaker doesn't want this. 


I kind of think it is a good idea in that I am trying to promote my professionalism as a matter or marketing in my business.  But we thought we might banter this around in a discussion here to see what other people think or if there are other ideas.