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Certification Study Guide - Global Field Question

Question asked by sharpe on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi all,


I am booked in for my certification exam next week and hence using my spare time to study and revise.


There is a question on the Certification 16 study guide that has me confused.


Under the section "Defining Database Schema,"


Question 6:

"A hosted FileMaker file contains a container field that is stored globally, and it holds the company’s logo. This field is placed on all report layouts. In a preferences table, the developer inserts the logo into the container field. A user reports that the logo is not on any of the reports. What caused this? How can it be fixed?"


"A field with global storage retains the last value set when the file was closed on a local computer, and global storage is unique to each user of the file. The developer has two options. He can remove the file from FileMaker Server, insert the logo into the container field, close the file and host it again. Or, he can store the logo in a container field with regular storage and write a script that runs when the file is opened that inserts the logo into the field."


I'm confused as to how the first option would work (underlined).  As the answer states, global fields unique to each user.  Would that not mean that even by closing and rehosting the file, the global field container field still would not be viewable to other users.


What have I missed here?