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calculation to print email and group items

Question asked by evansj2 on Aug 10, 2017
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I am developing a project managing system and am at the stage of writing the scripts needed to printout/email. i have the following, and its laid out this way to make it easier to read.


user::user_f_name & " " & user::user_l_name & ",

¶¶There has been an update to Project ID #: "&AV Projects::project_sn&

"¶¶Titled: " &AV Projects::project_title&

"¶¶Building: " &AV Projects::proj_building&

"¶Room: " &AV Projects::proj_room&

"¶¶Description:   ¶" &AV Projects::project_description &

"¶¶Primary Event Note: ¶" &av project notes::avproject_note_filtered_not_private &

"¶¶Equipment:¶" & AV Projects::proj_equip &

"¶¶-----SUB EVENTS-----¶¶ Sub Project ID: "&AV Project_subevents::av_projects_subevent_sn_combined&

"¶¶Sub Event Building: "&AV Project_subevents::av_projects_subevent_building&

"¶Sub Event Room :" &AV Project_subevents::av_projects_subevent_room&

"¶¶Sub Event Start Date:  " &AV Project_subevents::av_projects_subevent_start_date&

"¶Sub Event Start Time: " &AV Project_subevents::av_projects_subevent_start_time&

"¶Sub  Event End Time:  " &AV Project_subevents::av_projects_subevent_end_time&

"¶¶Sub Event Note: ¶" &AV Project_subevents::av_projects_subevent_note&

  "¶¶ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------¶¶


I need all of the sub-events associated with the project to printout and grouped. So sub-event one would have all its information, then sub-event 2 would be listed and then 3 and so on. I tried a few permutations of List (blah blah blah) but its on grouping them as needed.


Any thoughts?