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    Adding snapshots to a database


      I have an automotive repair database (repair orders) with container fields where I can add documents and photos... its FMP15 and win7.  Things I find on the web I can simply drag and drop most of the time, which works fine, but I'm also wanting to add photos taken in the shop with an Android phone.  I can think of a number of ways that might work but I'm wondering if anyone has already developed a solution that does this. 

      Ideally, I'd take a photo in the shop and it would magically appear in the database, but presuming this isn't practical (or possible) I'm thinking of just using the google cloud, allow my photos to be uploaded, maybe to a special folder or something, and then drag and drop on a computer.


      Any better ideas?

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          If you were using an iPhone or iPad linked to your database via WiFi, this would be very simple.


          Using your Android, you first need to transfer the photo from the phone to your computer, then insert that photo into a container field. Not nearly so simple or quick. Possible method might be:


          Email photo to yourself.

          Open email on computer, download attached photo

          Right click on container field in FileMaker and use Insert Photo to add the photo


          Might be a way to web publish your database using WebDirect and then with your Androids web browser, access the correct record in your DB and insert a photo, but as I'm not an Android user, I don't know if there are any barriers to that approach or not.

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            Does the iPhone method require FMP to be on an Apple computer?  If not, I'm curious how this works.  The WebDirect isn't available since I'm not a Server user yet.

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              This can be done from a windows machine. It is much better to host from server but you can use FileMaker Pro or Advanced to host the solution over your shop's WiFi. The iPhone or iPad would use the free FileMaker Go App to connect to your solution.


              Drawbacks to not using server include:

              no encryption in the communication between client and host.

              No protection during a crash

              no automatic back ups

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                This is now the second time I've thought that it could be useful to pick up an old iPhone/Pad/Pod...

                Does FMGo allow you to take a snapshot directly into a container field?

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                  Yes, that's why I said that is was very simple.


                  Bonsai is a hobby of mine. I use this technique to manage my trees and insert periodic pictures of them into a "notes" table.


                  You can tap on a container field to get an option to either take a picture via the camera or you can add a picture previously taken in the picture catalog.


                  There's also a very useful step, Insert From Device that lets you control what happens more explicitly.

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                    A related question:  In a database that is basically all my accounting and contacts for my business, do you have any thoughts on storing photos internally, externally, or in a separate FM file?

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                      My preference would be external storage. It includes an option for secure storage that can add a bit more security to your system.

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