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    Moving Status Toolbar


      Just installed Filemaker Pro 16 on new computer.  How do I move the Status Toolbar to the left side and vertical like my last 3 Filemakker programs? Being on top has eliminated a large section of my database from view.

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          Those must have been very old versions of FileMaker as that hasn't been the case for many versions.


          It's not a possibility. You'll need to adjust your layout designs to work with either a horizontal status tool bar or no visible status tool bar.


          (I remember feeling very fortunate when I upgraded a 5.5 version solution to 10 and realized that I didn't have to redesign any layouts given that I'd designed the solution to always keep the tool bar hidden.)

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            Pro 9 was my version yesterday and it worked great. Now that you have told me I can't move the Toolbar on 16 I am even less impressed with this version, after 25 years of Filemaker it may be time for a change!

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              yes from 7 that I started filemaking vertical was never a choice...or I didnt know that existed

              of course I hide it always and I make my own logic in all the solutions

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                Can the bar be made smaller?

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                  Filemaker 9 is from years ago, so give yourself some time to get use to all the changes.

                  What's the purpose of the toolbar in your solution?

                  Maybe we can help you solve the problem.


                  So take a deep breath and take the time to look what great features are new sins Filemaker 9.

                  I can mention a few things, worth looking into:

                  Button bar

                  Popover Button

                  Button Icons

                  Hide buttons


                  Send mail by SMTP

                  Web Direct


                  Execute SQL

                  Concealed edit box

                  etc. etc.


                  Don't give up




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                    FileMaker 16 adds a lot of new features that make it a much more capable system, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it.


                    Long ago, I realized that the status tool bar took up a lot more space than it needed to. You can pretty easily hide the toolbar and replace it with a button bar that replicates nearly all the functions of the status tool bar while taking up much less space.

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                      Button Bar is located?

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                        It's a fairly new layout object that you can add to your layout from the status tool bar just as you can tab controls, slide controls. chart objects.....

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                          My Filemaker database is 100K different pages with 6-10 fields per page. I need 90% of tools available on the bar but the bar is huge, it takes up a 1/4 of my screen more or less eliminating the bottom field. I guess this 22" monitor is too small.

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                            1/4 of your screen is a gross exaggeration. No way does it take up 1/4 of a 22" monitor's screen. If there isn't room for 6 - 10 fields and the fully deployed status bar, they must be very large fields. That's entirely possible of course, but it seems that they would be unusually large or you have a lot of other controls on the layout in addition to the field.


                            As I said in a previous reply, you can add a button bar and set up the buttons to do the same things. This button bar need not take up nearly as much space as the tool bar that it replaces. Once you have it working, you can copy/paste it from layout to layout with minimal need to make adjustments.


                            It may be work, but a lot less work that migrating to a different software package. You are going through the "pain" many other developers went through when they upgraded to version 10 a number of years ago. In the long run, the new features far out weighed the inconvenience of this change and a few more issues related to the format changes. (Have you double clicked a button while in layout mode? Look out. )

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                              Another question - Can I change the font size in all my files with one click (so to speak)?  I have only changed per file.


                              I could minimize my screen scale and layout, maximize the Filemaker blocks BUT, I would need to increase the font size - I can't do that one at a time.



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                                FileMaker now has Themes that apply throughout a file. Each layout object has a Style associated with it - the collection of styles for all object types is a theme. When you change the formatting of an object (it's font, font size, spacing, line colour/width, fill, etc) you get the chance to apply the changes to the existing style or to create a new style. If you then update the theme, that new style becomes available on all layouts that are based on that theme.


                                I'm not sure how FM 16 treats files that are upgraded from v9, since the "Classic" theme has now been deprecated and (as I understand it) removed from the software. You may be able to simply change the formatting options (using tab three of the inspector window) and save the changes to the style, then save the theme, and then all other objects of that type will update automatically. But I suspect that you will need to create a new theme and then go to each object on each layout and apply a style (using the second tab of the Inspector window).


                                Once you have a theme defined in one file you can import it into other files. But you'll still need to apply the style to the layout objects manually.