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    Print functionality + Stay logged in on webdirect


      I uploaded my database onto amazon web services using web direct. I noticed that the print feature does not work on webdirect but it does on filemaker. Is there any workaround to this?


      Furthermore, is there any way for you to stay logged in to the database if you're on the same computer if you restart it so you don't have to keep logging in over and over again on amazon web services?



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          For your question about WebDirect and printing... Do you mean the new feature of being able to view (and then save) your current WebDirect session records as PDFs? (e.g. via Print script step, or View > View as PDF menu option?). If so, the reason you don't see that with WebDirect hosted in FileMaker Cloud (AWS) is because that is still running the FileMaker Server 15 engine. And the PDF feature in WebDirect is new to FileMaker Server 16 (on-premise version, that you install on your own server machine). The reason it works with a FileMaker Pro client (connected to same database on Cloud) is that Pro handles PDF generation locally in its own code, and doesn't depend on the database engine running on the server (Cloud) host machine. And also Pro supported PDF generation prior to 16.

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