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Should separate scripts be used for iOS (or web)?

Question asked by techt on Aug 12, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by beverly

Just curious what the community sees as pros or cons when scripting for iOS or WebDirect, best practices if you will.


So here's the question: Is it "better" to create separate scripts for other platforms (iOS, WebDirect, mobile) or build into a single script? For instance, I have a navigation script, a parameter is passed and depending on the selection made, the user is directed to a particular layout. In the past, I've kept the base name of a layout the same and appended a global variable set at login: "web" or "iOS" to the version-specific layout e.g. layout name "Contact" (for desktop) becomes "iOS Contact" for users connecting via FMGo. This works pretty well but it a little more challenging to maintain (forcing all layout names to be similar, no typos). It also makes for slightly longer scripts that can be harder to debug. And when an error occurs or something was missed, the user can end up on a less than easy to use layout. A completely different set of scripts for iOS could potentially double the number of scripts and increase the amount of maintenance and upkeep. But, layout names could be anything, not all layouts or scripts would necessarily be needed (reduced functionality of platforms other than desktop), and additional control/capability could be specified depending on how the user connects.


Again, just hoping to start a conversation about the benefits of one methodology over the other.