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Discussion created by AndrewJudd on Aug 13, 2017
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hi all, I use the below applescript to create emails using a solution. I wondered if it is possible to adapt it slightly so the new email is HTML and I can therefore include formatted text (in italic) into the email.


Any suggestions welcome. thank you.





-- tell application "FileMaker Pro"

set theMessage to cell "Message" of current record

set theAttachments to cell "Attachments" of current record

-- return-separated Mac:file paths

-- end tell



set attachmentList to {}

repeat with i in paragraphs of theAttachments

set theAttachment to i

set aliasAttachment to theAttachment as alias

set attachmentList to attachmentList & aliasAttachment

end repeat



set theMessage to theMessage



set additionalParagraphs to return & return

repeat (count attachmentList) times

   set additionalParagraphs to additionalParagraphs & return & return

end repeat



tell application "Mail"


   set newMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {content:additionalParagraphs & theMessage, visible:true}

   tell newMessage

       repeat with i from 1 to (count attachmentList)

           tell content

               make new attachment with properties {file name:item i of attachmentList} at after paragraph (i *2 )



           end tell

       end repeat




       save newMessage

end tell

end tell