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FM 16 Adv - Unexpected Delete Failure

Question asked by synergy46 on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2017 by DavidKamar

I have been developing a membership application for along while.  (it has been a constant learning curve). 


Today I discovered one of my 'Join' tables has over 600,000  records.  (It came to my attention when a sort was performed and the dialog popped up saying it was sorting that many). So, I open the layout and sure enough, somewhere along the line my programming 'goofs' had duplicated the existing 63 record sample application to over 600,000. No problem.  I'll just write a script that will go through the join table and delete those records that have duplicate Key values.


Wrong.  As I step through my code it seems to work, then it gets into a section about 15 records down and the DELETE RECORD line of the code stops working.  The script is going to the DELETE RECORD line; it just fails to delete it. Ideas?