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PDF's in Containers Still don't preview/print?

Question asked by philmodjunk on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by tsplatypus

An Old link to the old bug reports threads from the previous version of this forum just recently surfaced:


PDF container not previewing or printing


I had just played around with superimposing layout text on top of a container field into which I had inserted a PDF before opting to just edit the PDF directly and discovered, at least for me in Windows, that an interactive container field with an inserted PDF still does not show in Preview mode and thus, presumably when printed/saved as PDF.


That original report was back in FileMaker 12 and shows no follow up post indicating that a subsequent release fixed this issue. Is this still the case that windows systems can't print a PDF when open in an interactive container or in a web viewer?


Relevant Details:

FileMaker Pro Advanced

Windows 10

Adobe Reader DC updated and installed yesterday to be: version 2017.012.20093