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    Field entry changes on all records


      When I add an updated part to a field on one record it changes all the records that contain the same part. I want the old records to keep the original part info and the new record have the new info. Why is this happening?

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          Welcome. David_DMD!

          It would be most helpful to post screenshots, print(s) as PDF of your script(s). It helps analyze what is going on.


          I'm going to "guess" that you are not using a "lookup" when select a product for an Order/Invoice/Estimate/???


          The user can select a product by various means. It would also help us to  know how you do that. A good way is to have field and the "ID" of a product (primary key) is entered into a foreign key of the record you are creating. Then you have other fields that are "auto-enter with a lookup" to copy over other values (name, cost/price, colors, etc.).


          The method of 'copy-over' is so that historical data is added with a new record. Then if you need to go back and change the price, for example, of a product, ONLY the new records will "lookup" the new price.


          HTH! And feel free to reply with more questions.


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            There is a place on this forum if you are new here: New to FileMaker.

            If you would like jbrown can assist you there.


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              HI David.

              I wanted to check in and see if you still needed help on this particular question. If so, reply back and we can continue the conversation.