Drag & Drop PDF into container (FMS16)

Discussion created by bkaisin on Aug 13, 2017
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FMS16, FMA16, Mac OS 10.12.6


When I drag and drop a .pdf or a .mov into a container field it does not work.

The file does not appear in the field.

The thumbnail appears only if the container field is in a portal.

It works for images (jpg, png).

The problem is the same if the field's storage is local or external.


When the files is using as local (not using FMS), it works without problem.

It's working with FMS only when I select the field and using the Insert pdf… (from menu).

It really looks like a bug from FMS16. It was working under FMS14.

When I move the cursor on the bottom of the container field the +, -, open in preview and save as pdf in the download folder icons appear and works except for the save in the download folder.

The drag and drop from the container field to the desktop works for the pdf files (when the field is not allow in browse mode).


With FMGO the thumbnails (in the portal are replaced by: "The file cannot be found: the_name_of_my_file.pdf" and even when the pdf have been inserted from the Insert PDF menu (-> working with FMA16 and FMS16).


Any idea?