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Copy "value-list" content of fields associated to value lists

Question asked by edyas on Aug 13, 2017
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I have created a database to manage my library of scientific articles.

Quite a few fields are associated to various value lists (author, publisher, etc.).

The value lists work fine: the raw data (eg Author = "R1") is displayed as value-list data (eg Author = "Strauss, Johan")


However, I want to be able to copy the article reference to a word document.

Thus I created a merge field (article reference) regrouping the relevant fields (author, title, publisher).

My problem is that this merge field does not work as I wish: it shows the raw data in the relevant fields (eg Author = "R1"), not the value-list data (eg Author = "Strauss, Johan").


Any idea as how to extract the content of fields associated to value lists? I have looked it up, to no avail.


Many thanks for your help!