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Dropbox API integration

Question asked by DavidMansfield_2 on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by schamblee


I have been having serious issues creating a FileMaker script to use the Dropbox API. I have been using FileMaker for a couple of years now and am more than happy with complicated scripts etc., but I have no real experience using JSON or the Insert from URL script step.


So far I have implemented the /alpha/upload part using the excellent guidance from ISO FileMaker Magazine, but I have since moved on to trying some other API features and had no luck at all!


The one i am most interested in getting working is create_shared_link_with_settings (HTTP - Developers - Dropbox ) but after 4 days i am giving up totally defeated.


I was wondering if anyone had any managed to use the API in filemaker to do something other than upload, and if they would be prepared to share a file with how they did it, then hopefully i can combine that with the working upload API and hopefully figure out where i am going wrong.