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Importing data script step problems

Question asked by sam0723 on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by sam0723

Hello everyone, i am new to filemaker. i am trying to import data from excel file weekly using importing data script.

In the script step option, there are 3 options, Adding new record, updating existing record and updating matching record. In my case, add new record will create many duplicate records weekly, so i try to use the remaining options.


My target is to use the updated record and transfer the data using set field/set variable step to another table A according to the primary key.


The problem is when the whole script run the 2nd time, there are many duplicate records in table A.


so how could i determine which records are old records, which one are the new records?


is it impossible to compare the data to prevent creation of duplication records?


i am using filemaker 15


Sorry for unclear description.