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Question asked by TKnTexas55 on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by TKnTexas55

I have a table of contracts with expiration dates.  There are monthly and annual expiration dates.  I want to select any dates that are expiring in the current month regardless of the time frame.  When I do the task manually, I go to Find Mode.  In the ExpirationDate field I enter 08/2017 which FileMaker converts to 08/*/2017 when I tab out.  In the Status field I enter ACTIVE.  I get my desired results.


When opening the solution, the user is prompted for the current month 08 in this case for August.  Then I set a few variables:

My script to find the current month is:

I have done this script with one record request for $$CurrMonth and Status=Active.   The results I get are the same.  The script does not find the Monthly transactions, only the Annual.

There are 78 current records to be billed.  Below is a partial view:


I am really trying to lock tasks down to scripts to minimize "human error".