go to field in a card window

Discussion created by pfroelicher on Aug 14, 2017
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Hi Everybody,

O wanted to use the new card window and wrote a script for a product picker.

On the invoice layout the script button starts, creates a new line item (opening the line item table) and goes back to invoices, opens a card window with a google type search, you type in the search field and restrict the records shown until you found the one you want as line item, click on it, window closes, id gets written in the fk_product field in the new portal row.

I CANNOT make it work, that the cursor is in the search field on the Card Window. I tried it by Name of field, by tab order.. somehow I cannot make the cursor go into that field. The script error is 102, Field missing.

It must be, that the Card window is not the "context" of the Invoice Layout.....