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reset fonts for dropdown menus?

Question asked by ProdMan on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by planteg

A new monitor and I'm struggling to get Filemaker (Pro 14 on Windows 10) so I can actually read my database. Unlike everything else on the desktop, FM cannot adapt fluidly to a new environment. It would be great if FM actually came through and put in a 125% zoom--that would solve many issues. But the real kicker is that the screen has to be greatly enlarged now so that the dropdown menus (in the layout, with user-determined values) can be read, and I'm finding no information about what FM is using as a default font for these. Even at the "enlarge for readability" setting they are minuscule. The calendars are fine, so what's with the menus? What is the font being used? How to fix? [example attached]