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Plugin wanted to prevent memory to grow on client

Question asked by Hans on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by fmpdude

Sorry, this is about some older clients but this question might also be relevant for newer versions


When navigating on FM Pro 11 as client (on Windows) memory keeps increasing on client computer until all memory is used and restart of FM Pro is required.

Navigating include duplicating records, deleting records etc. Duplicating a record could add 0,5-1 mb to the memory in Task-manager. This happens even if cache in FM Pro is set to 8 mb or 200 mb.


I've tried to script minimize and maximize windows, flush cache to disk and other scripts to free the used memory but nothing seems to help - unless restarting FMP!


Memory-problems have always been the main problem for FileMaker Inc so I expect them to have no solution for this - but does anyone know a plugin or something to solve this problem and clear the cache/memory?


I have asked this exact same question in another thread but no solutions came up. So now it seems up to plugin-developers. Is this a task that any of you plugin-developers could be interested in?