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Javascript error during FM Server install

Question asked by MartinLoose on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by wimdecorte

After doing a successful FM Server 16 install (upgrade from 15), the only remaining thing to do seemed to be to add the SSL certificates from the previous version. I added these manually, and then proceeded to stopping and starting the server. But the startup didn't seem to work. It seemed to be hanging.

I restarted the system and then proceeded to start over by first uninstalling FM Server 16. I also cleared the Java cache and the browser cache, as outlined in fms16_install.pdf.


But when I tried to install FM Server 16 again, I got an error at the beginning of the install process: "There was an error reading the package", and below the "An error occurred while evaluating JavaScript for the package."


I updated my Java, cleared its cache again, and restarted the system multiple times. But nothing seems to be working. I'm still getting the same error.


Any ideas?