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FileMaker Server 16 Worker-Master PHP CWP configuration issue

Question asked by delltechservices on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by delltechservices

I have read through this discussion, PHP Server on Newly Deployed FMS 16 not working and found it helpful.


I have configured a FileMaker Server 16 Worker and Master in a Windows server 2012 environment.

The Worker IIS Rewrite rules automatically forward PHP requests to the Master and they work.

The URL in the browser displays the Worker address even though the pages are hosted on the Master.

The advantage of this over using the PHP standalone configuration is that there is a single instance of the site to maintain. If you deploy a second worker, then you don't have to deploy another instance of the files and configuration. All updates are made to a single instance on the Master machine.


However, if the PHP files include links to stylesheets or javascript files, these do not get forwarded.


How can these files be linked from the PHP files so that they display when accessed from the Worker machine?


Options to consider:

1. convert all CSS and JS files to PHP type files

2. include all CSS and Javascript code in your main PHP file.

3. add rewrite rules to the Worker machine that include these files, without disabling WebDirect related files

4. Use the PHP standalone process and maintain multiple instances of the PHP site

5. Some other process that I am not aware of that is a better solution.


I look forward to your responses.


Stuart Moscoe