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Portal Filter Problem when attempting Dynamic Search Bar.

Question asked by craig157 on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by craig157

Hi All,


I've been reading a couple articles in regards to some Dynamic Search Bars so thought I'd give it a go for a couple of our portals to test it out.

Unfortunately I've gotten stuck.


I used this article for guidelines:

Dynamic Portal Filtering While You Type – FileMaker Inspirations


I believe my problem is when I am using the Filters in my portal as I already have a Filter parameter.

Please see what I currently have in place (that isn't working) - All Portal records dissapear when I start to type.


My Script Trigger within the Search Bar:

Set Error Capture [On]

Set Variable [$cursorpos; Value:Get (ActiveSelectionStart)]

Commit Records/Request [No Dialog]

Refresh Window [Flush cached join results]

Set Selection [BIDS::gFind; Start Position: $cursorpos; End Position: 0]


My Filter on the Portal

Case((Get ( CurrentDate )  ≤  BIDS::Valid Until Date) and( BIDS::Nation = BIDS Interface::Country);1;0)


(IsEmpty ( BIDS::gFind )


FindWordPartsInText ( BIDS::gFind; BIDS::Customer Name & ¶  & BIDS::BID No ; 1))


Can anyone spot an issue in the above??


Please note I am using FM Pro 13 currently so can't use PortalRefresh function unfortunately.