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Question asked by jacques on Aug 17, 2017
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I'm using for several years, an external data source in my company via odbc.


FMP lien odbc.tiff


I don't remember the FMP version  I used to begin with this, but it works perfectly with FMP 14 client. (currently, client FMP 14, FMP server 15, on pc windows or Citrix)


Something strange happens when I test FMP 15 or FMP 16 client, with the same file on the same FMP server 15


At the file opening, the link doesn't work.

FMP lien out.tiff


If I open the manage database window and click anywhere in the relationships tab,


FMP graphe lien.tiff



the link is restored!!! and works properly.


FMP lien OK.tiff


At the next opening, the problem is back (remember that it doesn't appear with FMP 14 client)


Any idea to understand and solve it?


Thank you,