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Newbie Question: Portals, Relationships, and Filtering Problem

Question asked by hahx on Aug 16, 2017
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Hello Out There -


I'm building a database designed to track a department's history of ordering  specialized supplies, and have hit a problem I need some help to solve.

(Please bear in mind: I'm new to Filemaker. I am fluent in Excel and many of its formulas, but otherwise have no knowledge of coding/programming.)


My problem involves the following tables/relationships:


ORDER = a single record in this table will designate one Vendor & possibly many Order Line Items

Order Line Item = specific to a single Order record, each designating one Vendor-specific Supply

VENDOR = can be represented on many Orders, may offer Many Supplies

Vendor Supply = one Vendor, many Orders & Line Items

(I've tried multiple permutations of the relationships between these tables - I'd send a picture, but none have worked in total so far.)


What I need to make happen is this:


When a user creates an Order record, the user designates a single Vendor for the record (from a pop-up menu - this part works fine.)

Once a Vendor is selected, the user should choose a Vendor Supply (one per Order Line Item record) from a list that of supplies limited to those offered by the vendor. (This is the bit not yet working!)


I've been trying to achieve this via a portal (based off of the Order Line Item and Vendor Supply tables) and have tried many solutions (from changing the table relationships to filtering the portal using an IF statement), but none has returned the desired result yet.


I feel like I must be missing something fairly simple about how FileMaker works, as this doesn’t seem like it should be a hard feat to accomplish. Any ideas?


Thanks so much!