FMPA16 reports as "PipeChild" in OSX Energy Monitor

Discussion created by mikebeargie Expert on Aug 16, 2017
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mid-2012 macbook pro 15"

2.3ghz i7

16gb RAM

SSD drive



Sierra 10.12.5



FileMaker Pro Advanced


Product Issue:

Under the energy monitor (clicking battery bar percentage in the top bar), FMPA reports as what appears to be a background process "PipeChild". However, the "PipeChild" designation does not show anywhere under the full activity monitor.


Why it's an issue:

Confusion over the name and lack of filemaker icon could cause confusion with clients that mistake the process for their computer being infected with a virus, or having unauthorized background processes running. Also, the process reports when filemaker is open even without any files open. Should FileMaker be under the "Using Significant Energy" designation when it's just open and idle?