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Add A Note separator script dupe on different tabs of same layout?

Question asked by efleming on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by tsplatypus

I use a button w/ the Add A Note Separator script for the notes field of my database. I figured out how to duplicate that field and the button so it shows up on another layout, and it works fine - when I hit the button the cursor stays in the field on the current layout.


However, on my original layout, I have several tabs - lots of dupe fields on these tabs. The notes field was created on Tab A. I added the notes field to a second tab, Tab B, and I duped the add-a-note-separator script button as well. On Tab B, if I hit the button, it "works," but it moves my cursor back to Tab A. So, I can finish typing the note, but then I have to get back into Tab B.


Can I edit the script in some way so that the cursor remains in Tab B?


Screenshots: Tab A (green), Tab B (white),  Add A Note script


aff tab.pngsurvey tab.pngadd a note sep script.png