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RESTfm PUT function

Question asked by littleluce on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by fmpdude

I have been able to install RESTfm on my FileMaker Server, but when I send PUT commands to it for updating records, the response that I receive acts like it was a GET request. Is there something in IIS that needs to be changed to accept PUT commands?


"info": {

        "X-RESTfm-Version": "4.0.9/20170106-2095449",

        "X-RESTfm-Protocol": "5",

        "X-RESTfm-Status": 200,

        "X-RESTfm-Reason": "OK",

        "X-RESTfm-Method": "GET",

        "X-RESTfm-Profile": "3369ms 1.3M 128M",

        "X-RESTfm-PHP-memory_limit": "128M",

        "X-RESTfm-PHP-post_max_size": "8M"



This may or may not be related, but when I browse to restfm in a web browser I get the error that it's not configured, yet the report page has everything green. I imagine there is some redirect that is not working properly, but I can't figure out what.