Edit a container PDF file and re-upload via Filemaker Go

Discussion created by ak_crux on Aug 17, 2017
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We are working on a solution used at a construction project for field inspections where the client would like users to be able to annotate a drawing and then store it in our database with the associate record.


The basic operation is as follows (along with the issues we are experiencing):


1. User clicks a button to open a PDF which is already loaded in the container field (PDF is opened via a script which saves it to the temporary path with a unique filename based on the record ID - to keep it from getting confusing) The script sets a variable with the path and filename.  The script pauses when the file is opened.  All buttons on the layout are then hidden except for a "continue script" button.

  • This works-kind of.  Here are the issues:
    • The file opens on the iPad in the default PDF viewer which allows viewing only,  to edit you have to choose "Open In..." which then exits filemaker go.
    • On a desktop the file opens in preview but then as soon as you edit it saves a copy (with a new filename) which complicates the re-upload process because the filename changes.
    • The solution is really meant for iOS.

2. The container field is cleared as soon as the resume script is pressed.

3. The next script step is is to load the file using the path variable back into the container field. In theory, once the file is edited and saved as the same filename set by the original script, it should load the modified file into the container.


Has anyone accomplished this on an iPad?  Was thinking of running this via webdirect. Also could this be solved using external storage?  Our server doesnt run on a VPN or have file-sharing.  I was thinking of using dropbox or something like that.


Also in iOS 11 Beta, the built-in reader has apple pencil support.  To the best case scenario is to have it open in the apple default reader which will allow markups with the pencil.


We are running FM 16 across the board - iOS, Server, and Desktop.


Any help would be appreciated.