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Access to FMS 16 and FMS 11 from outside network simultaneously

Question asked by dysartj on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by user19752


I am in the process of upgrading from FMS 11 to FMS 16. I have the FMS 16 set up on a new computer with a separate internal static IP.

My intent is to keep the FMS 11 active while some users test FMS 16. After a period of about a week or so, once everyone has updated software to FMP 15 or 16, I will transfer current data from FMS 11 to FMS 16 and have everyone switch at that time.


Internally, I can access each server separately simultaneously with the appropriates client (11 or 16)


We have users who access the server externally, and I am trying to test that option on the FMS 16 server setup. I get "Connection failed" error constantly. I still have FMS 11 operating when I am doing the test.


I presume the port that are open through my Airport Extreme (5003) for FMS 11 is the same required for FMS 16.


Is it possible to have these two servers accessible simultaneously for an external connection? My guess is that my error is due to a conflict over port 5003.


I plan to test when I can shut down FMS 11, but seek confirmation that I am on the right track.