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I have a DB in which uniquely ID'd people can make multiple visits to a destination.

Question asked by jlhm on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2017 by jlhm

The ID scheme depicts the actual visit number like this:  ### ( indicates first visit) or ### (same three numbers) followed by [2] (indicates 2nd visit)


There are 2 places people can visit.  They can visit A, B, or both A&B


When I do a search on either place A or place B using a specific ID ###, it pulls up all visits for that particular person:  ### & ### [2] & ### [3], etc.


I have a report layout in which each persons visit is a unique record.  I am representing the data pulled from each search on place A and place B with [2] separate portals.


Problem occurs as all the data from both place A and place B get put into the person's first visit record.


I can get the portals to display correctly by changing a field calculation from    =Left (Case_#;3).  to this=Left (Case_#;7). 


This is fine, but then my search displays on the Place A and Place B layouts gets screwed up.


Please see my attachments.  I think there should be an obvious fix, but it is currently escaping my brain.


Any suggestions and/or insight greatly appreciated!