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Many-to-One or One-to-One... or?

Question asked by basilisk2 on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by philmodjunk

I want to add a Letters table to my database for my quarterly reports but am struggling with something I used to find simple because it's about seven years since I last did a Relationship Design and I really need help.


Two tables are used currently for the report, joined one to many because a client can have many valuations but each valuations belongs to only one client. So far, so good.


ClientInfo ---< dValuations


Each Valuation needs a cover letter, but the text of the letter will change every time I run the reports - it's the same text for each client but it changes every quarter. I hope I've explained that OK. So, I can create a Table called dCovLetter with the following fields:





dCovLetter::Letter Body


The letter will get the address from ClientInfo::MailTo , the date will come from dValuations::Date and the body of the letter will come from dCovLetter::LetterBody.


My problem is working out how to fit the table dCovLetter into the relationship table. Can someone please help? I'm going round in circles...