When Price Isn't a Simple Lookup

Discussion created by BuzzardJunction on Aug 18, 2017
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I have a join table that pretty much works like the line items in an invoice.  It executes a lookup of a product price when the product is selected from a dropdown.


Now, the only way in which this differs from a regular invoicing setup is that the quantities are scripted to autofill based on measurements taken from another part of this invoice. This works very well.


There's a narrow class of products in this database, in which per-unit price is dependent on these quantity measurements.  Simply-put, volume-based pricing.  This size based pricing criteria changes from week to week....sometimes from day to day. 


For 90% of my products, a simple lookup of price from the product table is enough.  For this class of products, however,  I need to either circumvent the lookup, or make it work differently if this particular category of product is chosen.


What's the smartest way to go about doing this?