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Bilingual UX strategy ?

Question asked by Cécile on Aug 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Cécile

I am stuck.

I am trying to get the UX in the choice language of User.

I think I figured which ingredients are needed but don't grasp how to put them together


I have a table CBSC2018 that contains the global field UX_LanguagePreference.

I have a table VOCABULARY that contains the following fields:


French(2)Variable Name $$
123First NamePrénomUX_NameFirst
234Last NameNomUX_NameLast
345Describe the issue:Décrivez le problème :UX_Describe_the_issue


I found a custom fonction by Michael Rodes to set variables dynamically.

SetVariableDynamically ( _variableName ; _value )

If (

    not IsEmpty ( Filter ( _variableName ; "+-*/^&=≠<>≤≥,;(){}\"${}" ) ) ;

    "?" ;

    Evaluate ( "Let ( $$" & _variableName & " = " & Quote ( _value ) & " ; " & Quote ( _value ) & " )" )



I realized that labels are text objects which text I don't know if it is possible to set by calculation. So I thought I could use merge variables. Or maybe I should use merge fields? Either way I am not sure at what level things need to be calculated: at the fields definition (Vocabulary table, English or French)? Or a script that refreshes the Variables Values when the UX_LanguagePreference is changed.

Thanks already!