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I am using a global field to sort records into groups. I the other fields are displaying as they should, but one field is a calculation field is not showing.

Question asked by ucharles on Aug 19, 2017
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The field under Tag No. is ::LatestEarTagNumber and it is a calculation field and is not listing.


ID             ::___kp_livestock_id          -->     index,Auto-enter Serial

Tag No.    ::latestEartagNumber       -->      Calculation     unstored, from LIVESTOCK, = EARTAGGING_EVENT::EartagNumber

Dob         ::dob                                 -->     Date

Age         ::age                                 -->     Calculation

Sex         ::sex                                 -->     Text     Indext

Class      ::class                              -->     Calculation      Indext

Name     ::livestockname                -->     Text     Indext


The livestock entity is referencing itself.


LIVESTOCK::class = CLASS::gClass     (CLASS is a LIVESTOCK TO)