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Database Repeating field structure change on IOS deployed databases

Question asked by zue144 on Aug 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi all,


My question I have already deployed a 3 file relational database for my remote service engineers on IOS platform. 

1 file is the GUI and output forms ( updated when needed ) { GUI }

1 file is the Customer information and the machines ( updated monthly )  { Customer }

1 file for storing the individual engineers created data.   The content that goes in the forms, license key back up.  ( this file is rarely altered or changed.  When needed in the past I needed to recall this database from each field service engineer and modify and send back.  ( now that we are larger it makes it harder to manage ))  { Data }


This is what I want to do on my latest change to { data } file.   One of the repeating fields I need to expand from 30 spots to 40.


I would like to deploy an updater database that the user would launch it would look at the version of the file and if needed alter the structure of the database by adding fields or increasing the repeating value etc...  Then update the version global version field, send me back an email the updater modified the structure and close.  When the engineer is done running the updates they can delete it. Their { data } would be compatible with new versions of the { GUI } that requires the additional repeating field.


Is this possible to do on a deployed IOS FileMaker Go solution?  And if the answer is yes, what version of FileMaker do I need to write the updater in?