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weight calculation

Question asked by fluffy on Aug 20, 2017
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hey group


I am trying to set up a stock controll database and i want to have the weight of all items.

some items are easy to weigh but i don't want to weigh everthing as some itmes are too big but i will know the density, legth, width etc.. also some items will have a fixed weight but others like bar stock the weight will change as it is consumed.

a lot of these itmes will be materials in metals and it will be solid round bar, square bar, angle section, round tube, square and rectanguler box section, c section channle etc.. i will know the dimensions and can look up the density.


the problem i see is that a listed item could be a single item, a box of items, a length that is slowley consumed etc.. and i want to make sure the weights are always upto date so i know storage shelves are not overloaded or for postage calaculations.


does any one have any good input or good ideas as on a simple way to input  this in the best way?


regards fluffy.