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Limiting checkbox choices based on which category is selected

Question asked by user28177 on Aug 20, 2017
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I'm building a Contact Manager using FileMaker 16 Advanced. In this Contact Manager I have some Categories such as "Employee", "Freelancer", "Client" and "Supplier" (circled in red, original names in Portuguese).


What I'd like to do is to prevent the user from selecting conflicting categories. For example: An employee cannot be a client, neither a freelancer, but a client can be a supplier as well as a freelancer at the same time.


So when the employee checkbox is selected for example, the user shouldn't be able to select any other category. When other categories are selected, the user cannot select the employee category.


I'm currently using custom values for the value list that lists all categories. But after a few hours of playing with the amazing Adventures in Filemaker 1 and 2 from PhilModJunk, I'm beginning to think that a better option would be to use a field base value list, so I'm more than open to change that.


Thanks in advance.